– Deep Hydration


  • Skin analysis on arrival.
  • Double cleanse.
  • Vegetal gommage doux.
  • Aroma peeling with lactic acid.
  • Application of Serum Booster Hydra + and Jade Stones rollers to soothe & hydrate.
  • Face, neck & shoulders massage to stimulate & invigorate the skin functions
  • A Peel Off mask to complete this fabulous treatment & maximise skin’s plumpness.
  • A fresh mist of aromatic Royal lotion & a specific moisturiser conclude your facial
  • Customised advice on home care to keep the skin radiant and healthy.

Tailored to your skins requirements, this facial uses a variety of plant extracts to answer all your skin may encounter, such as sensitivity, dryness or dehydration. A combination of a double cleanse and exfoliation with a mild lactic acid to hydrate and remove impurities, followed by 3 chains HYALURONIC ACID serum and customised massage adapted to your skin. We then apply a Peel Off Mask, leaving your skin fresh and radiant.

All facial treatments include the eyes and lips.