(CT = Centella / HF = Hydraflore)
Lait Nettoyant CTLait Hydro NettoyantFluid yet nourishes the skin. Use with water for eye makeup removalAny age - dry or dehydrated skin200ml
Lotion Tonique CTHydrolé OrangeGentle, hydratingAny age - dry or dehydrated skin200ml
Hungary’s Royal Lotion CTEucalyptus / UniqueA tonic elixir to rebalance pH, refresh, revive , improve circ.Any age125ml
Gommage Doux CTGommage Contact+Another unique way to exfoliate!25+100ml+12g
Gommage Doux Lotus HFActiv’PeelFor sensitive reactive skin, & all skinsTeens+100ml
Eau Micellaire Lotus HFEau MicellaireFor sensitive reactive skin, & all skins. Fantastic eyemakeup removerTeens+200ml
Lotion Douceur Lotus HFUniqueFor sensitive reactive skinTeens+200ml
Lait Douceur Lotus HFLait Hydro / SpecificLight & fluid for sensitive, reactive skinTeens+200ml
Lotion Global CTUniqueSmooths, hydrates, redensifies. Stem Cells30+100ml
Gel Hibiscus CTUniqueGel cleanser for all skin types20+100ml
Gel Iripur HFGel PuretéGel cleanser for imbalanced skin, to clear & minimise oil/breakoutTeens+100ml
Creme Eclat CTRadiance / RevidermFluid, light, immediate glowTeens+40ml
Creme de Jour CTNutri / Riche ProtectLight nourishment, protective, comforting20+40ml
Creme Equilibrant CTHydra ProtectBalancing cream for combinationTeens+40ml
Synergie Eclat CTUniqueWater elixir to brighten. Mix with moisturiser20+15ml
Synergie Camphor CTSerum Pureté, Serum C17Rebalancing for combination skinTeens+15ml
Synergie Floral CTUniqueLight oil for high colouring / redness, hydrates20+15ml
Regeneration Q CTSerum Reviderm1st anti-ageing oily serum,nourish, replenish25+15ml
Centella Visage CTNaturodermAnti-Redness, Skin Healer, Anti-BacterialAll ages30ml
Mask Floral CTMask Confort ProFor all skins, particularly delicateAll ages40ml
Mask Camphor CTMask Revelateur / Mask Pureté ProBalancing mask for pH, anti-bacterial, anti-redness, clearingAll ages40ml
Creme Jour Lift CTPhytonagre / Hydra RicheRich, protective, regenerative, nourishing40-5040ml
Creme Nuit Lift CTCreme Riche NuitRegenerative by night, penetrates well40-5040ml
Serum Lift CTUniqueTone, flexibility, elasticity40-5040ml
Mask Lift CTUniquePlumping, hydrating, astringent / lifting40-5040ml
Contour des Yeux Lift CTFluide ContoursPlumping25+15ml
Elixir Nuit CTSerum Nutrition Extreme / AntiridesNourishing, smoothing, regenerative40+15ml
Serum Ultra Concentre CTAntirides effect / Multi-vita / UniqueSmooths, renews, firms, regenerative. Stem cells40+30ml
Creme Renovatrice CTAbsolue / PanacéeSmooths, renews, firms, regenerative, nourishes. Stem cells50+40ml
Fluid Regard CTUniqueSmooths, firms, anti-shadow25+15ml
Aqua Lift Intense CTElixir Hydratant / UniqueIntensely hydrates, brightens, regenerates25+30ml
Mask Ultra Regenerate CTHydra ProtectNourishes, smooths, regenerates30+40ml
Mask Ressourcant HFUniqueFor sensitive reactive skin. Restores mantleTeens+40ml
Serum Anti-Redness HFCreme / Serum CapylFor sensitive reactive skin. Removes rednessTeens+30ml
Creme Tendresse HFUniqueFor sensitive reactive skin. Restores mantleTeens+40ml
Creme MatifianteFluide MatifiantBalancing, antibacterial, matte effectTeens+40ml Retail
Serum Lissant HFUnique1st anti-wrinkle care25-3530ml
Creme Lissante HFUnique1st anti-wrinkle care25-3540ml
Beauty OilUniqueFace, hair & body oil for sensitive reactive skin. Restores mantleAll ages40ml